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Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast

Feb 6, 2018

Step right up one and all, young and old! Marvel at the exploits of two idiots the likes of which the board gaming world has never seen! See how they edit their way out of technical glitches, you'll barely notice! Gape in wonder at their collective ineptitude while simultaneously they manage to keep you in rapped attention with their undeniable down home charm! Do you enjoy rambling, barely coherent conversation about games like Heaven & Ale, Oh My Goods, and TI4 between parties that hardly remember playing them? Your in luck! Just a penny for an adult and a haypenny for a child, that's right step right up and enter the confines of this rickety tent! You'll hear a bushel of ill-formed opinions and more half-hearted improvised music than you can shake a Crown Royal velvet bag full of polyhedral dice at! That's right folks, see the one and only Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! What..? Not interested..? Scram then you little punk, before I sick the Bearded Lady on ya!