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Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast

Aug 25, 2017

In this the sixth installment of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast, your hosts bicker endlessly about the most trivial of topics. Sound boring? Well let's just say either your ability to determine if something is good or not by a couple sentences is off... Or my ability to write a compelling intro is off. I know where I stand. Do you? Well, do you? This power packed episode is crammed full of strong opinions on games. Games like Caverna: Cave Vs. Cave and La Granja. As well as even stronger and more indignant stances on our favorite game mechanics, what is set collection anyway? We. Get. Into. It. In IRL we talk up our upcoming trip to ol' St. Louis and give a fantastic book recommendation. Like, zoinks man! Deuces are truly wild in this fantastic episode, now do your part and sit back with a tall glass of, I don't know what you drink... milk? Anyway take a sip, wipe off that stache and enjoy!