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Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Oh you... don't give me that look. I know that look, you're wondering where we've been but you're not going to ask. Power move. Respect. But... We can't go out like suckers so we're not about to spill those beans. We could be here awhile. Okay, well played, we'll tell you what we've been up to BUT only in the form of this 2+ hour podcast! Ha! Who has the upper hand now, huh? Alright I guess I'll tell you a bit about what's in the episode BUT ONLY a taste! We talk a ton of games including: Dark Domains, Everdell, Isle Of Skye, Smallworld and many more! Plus we talk about a handful more games from awesome publisher Blue Orange Games! On top of all that we've got some Meepleofmadness Music Minute selections AND a silly IRL segment! All that and one mega blooper that brought the episode to a screeching halt! So... what have you been up to?