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Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast

Aug 6, 2018

G'day mates! And might I add that I am really getting a kick out of that hat your wearing! In this fantastic & gargantuan sized installment of the (Now legitimately) world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast we open some correspondence from board gaming's most strategically turtley continent Australia! Oh, what wonders will spill forth from this cardboard treasure trove? Hint: They're Australia's #1 export and responsible for 97.3% of the country's GDP. After gorging ourselves we get around to talking about so many games it would blow the shrimp right off your barbie! (Or the prawns, if you're in the know) We'll talk Founders Of Gloomhaven plus an extensive and tense review of Rising Sun and literally everything in between. So hug the closest Koala bear at hand (but wear gloves, those things are riddled with Chlamydia) and get ready for us to bring the thunder from down under! Well, Maurice takes care of that, as usual...