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Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast

Nov 18, 2017

Don't call it a comeback! We've been here for years rockin' our peers puttin' suckas in fear! Yes listeners our 13th episode will make the tears rain down like a monsoon, tears of laughter and joy that is. That's right this week we will take over M.C. duties from Mr. Cool J to knock out some punk ass reviews! Why? Well for the only reason worth doing anything... Mama said. She also said there'll be days like this so it should come as no surprise that we talk about stupendous games like: Deadline, Ex Libris, Scythe and Clans Of Caledonia! No surprise that is if you listened to Moma. Speaking of Moma's, the young daughter of one also stops by to give her review of Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice! So grab your Moma and show her how to download a podcast because she's gonna wanna hear the 13th episode of the Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast as much as the rest of the tech savvy world! Now lets get off Mamas... Cause I just got off yours.